Website Blog Packages   1-10 pages


Pro Website 1 with   1-10 pages


Pro Website 2 with 6-10 pages



Pro Website 3 with 10-25 pages


Pro Website 4 with 25-50 pages

$2500 and up

Corporate Website with editable admin and css.



(Packages can be upgraded later, ecommerce sites will add additional costs. please call or email to get details Additional note: We build you more than a website. We add an interactive experience for your customers and clients, follow up campaign, tracking of visitors, seo coding, internet video to your site.  We prepare your site for success in the online marketplace.

Includes: contact page with follow up program. we work together on creating the best marketing messages for your business. $10.00-20.00 a month fee for autoresponder. Merchant accounts will add a recurring fee for the provider you choose.

One time fee for website package can be split into payments. 50% up front and 50% upon completion

Price variations depend upon consultation to determine what is best for you.

$10.00 a month is your hosting cost (or if there is a hosting company you prefer we can accommodate). $10.00 a year is the cost for your domain name. We can setup emails for you and your employees.    Please call today for your free quote.

Portfolio Below

Flash Websites

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HTML Websites


Video Portal Websites





Internet Marketing Web Design Specialists
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“ IVMS helped me to create over 100 subscribers to my newsletter in 3 short weeks along with a customer
base that has led to the 1000’s. I received over 200,000 views and was written up in Time Magazine Online Get this service you will be happy you did.“
Ancog Inter. Corp.
Mesa, AZ,  B. Ancog
“ Video Marketing Systems has taken my Fine Art Business to another level combining
internet video with Article Marketing! “
Maui, Hawaii
“ They built our website, created our marketing follow up campaign, promoted us through video,
articles and who knows what else. We have clients calling us from Canada, Belgium, Maryland…“
Thank you from
Paul Genova, Bronx, New York
“ IVMS has helped us reach 1,000's of people through video and share our important message.
We have been on 30
+ video channels for over a year now.“
“ Using I.V.M.S. has changed the way we Market on the Internet. They have helped us double our business in less than 6 months.“
Scalar Wave Lasers
“ Thank you Video4leads for helping us get to over $30,000 in group sales in less than 3 months."

“ We have hit over 4,000 visitors a month in less than 3 months without PPC and owe it to Video4leads.."
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

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