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Normally, people bookmark certain web pages which they deem interesting and important, and that which they plan on revisiting over and over. May it be for research purposes, or simply because that person wants to read or see the picture or video over and over, or perhaps because he wants to show it to his friend the next time his friend drops by his place or have a peek at his laptop. Whatever one's intention for saving a link of one or several websites, one will likely have a little difficulty if he is not using his computer. He will have to go through the trouble of either writing the link down on a piece of paper, which could get lost by the way, or copying and pasting the link and e-mailing it to himself.

But with the Internet's current web platform, bookmarking your favorite site no longer has to be that troublesome. One of the amazing features of the latest Internet platform is social bookmarking. This feature actually allows a person to tag, save, manage, and share his favorite from one source. How? Well, if you have noticed that with the way Internet worked during the yesteryears was not as user-generated. There were no blog sites where you can post your journals and pictures and even videos, nor was there YouTube. Before, you had to have your own domain and pretty much had to encode scripts and all, if you were that tech savvy anyway. Thus, if you're not you have to actually by a website if you intend to sell your goods or services through the web.

Nowadays, practically any one and every one can post daily journals, pictures and videos for others' viewing. Of course, you can choose whether to share your blogs, pictures, or videos with everyone, or share them with a chosen few. The Internet has become a hub for meeting people, sharing ideas, voicing out opinions, showcasing skills, tutorials, and business. This hub of various activities is called social networks. It is a place where various people with similar or various interests virtually meet and actually communicate.

This platform is the same one used for social bookmarking. One can sign up to a bookmarking site, tag and save their favorite sites and blogs, which they can then share with their friends and family. Moreover, social bookmarking is especially helpful to students and their teachers. For example, the students need to provide his students with various references for a study. The teacher can simply organize all the links to the references his students will need, tag the links appropriately then post the bookmarked links to his site.

Another benefit of social bookmarking is especially directed to marketers. Social bookmarking is one good strategy to create traffic in a website and eventually yank the site's visibility and popularity. By adding a bookmark link or tab on every page of your website that contains interesting and valuable information, other users can actually add the specific link to your site page and stash it in their bookmarking account which they can choose to revisit anytime, and without further delays and without getting distracted. Eventually, they are bound to share the link to your site with every one they know. Also, search engines crawl these pages very quickly and index them due to being put on popular pr 6-8 bookmarking sites. This increases online internet marketing traffic to your site.

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